Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo  "Holy Stick"  from Ecuador  is a natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous

people of the Andes for purifying and cleansing. 

The Palo Santo sticks are sustainably harvested from naturally fallen trees

and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested.

Approximately 4 in. long and 1/4 to 1/2 in. diameter.

Simply light one end and let burn for one minute... then blow out flame and let the stick smoke to fill room with

the purifying elements. Place stick on a fire safe surface as a precaution after bowing out the flame. Stick can be re-lit several

times  and does not need to burn consistently like traditional incense.

 Packaged in a  bundle of 10 sticks .


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